Media Log 3



This video is about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development that needs to be achieved by 2030. The message is created by an organization called the United Nations. This organization is represented by 193 countries all over the world which aims to create a peaceful and better world. The tone of the author is urgent yet optimistic.

The video catches the attention of viewers by firstly showing famous figures like Malala Yousafzai, Serena Williams, Dani Alves, Neymar Santos Jr., and many more to introduce the video. The video uses a colorful cartoon style, a creative technique which can catch the attention of both young and old alike.

This message needs to be spread like wildfire, so that more people will know about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and get involved in the cause. The video gives off a feeling that there is still an opportunity to make the world a better place because of its hopeful disposition. This 15-year plan seems to be quite promising because the prior 15-year plan, Millennium Development Goals, was effective and fruitful. If in the last fifteen years the world became a better place, humans will have the possibility to make it much better in the next fifteen years.

The video has a very positive message that aims for change in the world. However, other people that are insensitive or who are comfortable in life will just ignore the cause. Different people might see this as troublesome and a waste of their time, but every help counts to make a difference. If no one is going to care, this plan to lessen the gravity of social issues will be in vain.

The video emphasizes that the people on Earth only have one place to live in. Although there are many people with different cultures, they all live together in one planet, so for this reason they should help one another, and share what they produce fairly and sustainably. The video mentions of the major global issues the world is experiencing today which can be classified into three categories: poverty, climate change and inequality.

This message is being sent to raise awareness for the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If people can become more informed about the global issues happening around the world, they will naturally become more engaged. The goal is to see every child attending school, every person possessing access to clean water and food, or everyone feeling liberated with what they are doing regardless of their gender. All of this is possible because humans are creative beings, and they can take part as global citizens that can find ways to make the world a better place.


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