Media Log 2




Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are people born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. These are people born in a world of technology that with a single click they can have easy access to information. The one who made this infographic is Joan Kuhl, Founder and President of “Why Millennials Matter”.  She is also a consultant on career and leadership trends, an international speaker and author. Kuhl has substantial knowledge about millennials and has made significant research about them. The tone of the author is very informative because of the data and numbers in this infographic.

It has the minimalistic, simplistic design that infographics aim for. It is very simple, so it is easy to read and also easy to absorb the details. The infographic uses symbols to let the reader visualize rather than just read plain text. This is a useful way nowadays to appeal to the people, especially the millennial generation.

This infographic gives off a feeling that millennials can bring about a change in our society and for generations to come. If there are 2.5 billion millennials worldwide, and by the year 2030 millennials will make up 75% of the workforce, the world can have a more stable economy and a more sustainable livelihood because millennials are proven to be achievement-oriented and are able to make a difference with their work. Being the most ethnically and racially diverse generation, millennials are more open to differences. There are many possibilities for the millennials due to their innovation and flexibility towards change.

By looking at this infographic, many opinions may spark from this. Different people like people from the Baby Boomer generation might think of millennials as lazy and indifferent people due to our technological advances. Millennials are shown to be confident, but some people might think that their confidence goes to the extent of being narcissistic. Other people might see the Generation Y as radical because of being open to many changes and differences.

People from Generation Y tend to have high expectations probably because of their confidence in themselves; they assume everybody else will also accomplish a level they can clear. This generation values experience and expertise, achievement oriented millennials can have a certain standard when it comes to tasks. This generation has developed alongside technology and has relied on it greatly. The digital age has produced different kinds of social media and has created a new way for people, especially the millennial generation to express itself.

This message is being sent to show information about the generation of millennials. It is important to acquaint yourselves with them because in the near future they will dominate the population of the world. This is to show people the insights they lack to better understand how the millennials are.


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