Reflective Essay

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Over the course of my ENGLCOM experience, I learned many useful lessons that can be of use in the near future. My misconceptions on academic reading and writing were quite common as these were about logical fallacies, inferences, citation in APA style, and simply the writing process. These were clarified thanks to the help of my ENGLCOM professors and useful academic materials that the professors used to help us understand better.

During the duration of writing my Extended Definition Essay and Argumentative Essay, I encountered many difficulties that would have been solved earlier if I had just worked harder. The #1 challenge was writing the note cards. It took some time to look for sources because almost all of the information I saw are just saying the same thing. I discovered that it is more difficult to find sources for topics connected to popular culture than with current events and social issues. Another difficulty I encountered was with making the descriptive essay part of my Extended Definition Essay. It was the most difficult one for me to make among the three kinds of essays the Extended Definition Essay should be composed of. I thought that describing something in text would be easy, but making the audience experience what you are trying to describe is surprisingly challenging. One more obstacle I had difficulty with was when we were making the Argumentative Essay. I guess when you are trying to defend your side of the argument, but also stating the opposition’s side, you will become torn about your decision.

Looking at my Entry and Exit Essay, I can say that I have improved significantly. It seems that I am using more profound words to describe things. Indeed, I have increased my vocabulary, and I am more careful about my word choices now. Another thing I have observed is that I use transition words better than before. I have learned how to smoothly transition my sentences onto the next, but it is probably not at the level of expertness. Nonetheless, I can say that I have improved in that area. My organization in essays have also been enhanced because I have observed that my Exit Essay is now more unified.

I believe that I have achieved the objectives of ENGLCOM and the e-Portfolio because at the end of the term I have become a more critical and creative person thanks to this course. I am now more effective in communicating and more confident in writing. I have learned very much thanks to ENGLCOM, and I will definitely use what I have learned to good use.


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